Thursday 27 July 2017

How to Reach Me: Comment vs Mail

 My thanks to the many people who have written to comment on my microbiology blog "Fun With Microbiology -What's Bugging You?", a title which I still regret.

I also regret that I cannot answer any messages entered as 'Comments' found under each blog posting unless you leave a functioning return e-mail address.  Blogger notifies me that a comment has been left but it is to a "Do Not Reply" address.  Please understand that I am not ignoring you but that I have no address to which I can reply.

For those wishing to contact me and receive an reply, I have a 'Micro Mail' icon located near the bottom of the left-hand sidebar.  This way I have the e-mail address from where you have posted and can reply to your comments, questions or requests.

Linkedin: New- February 20th, 2018:  Please be aware that I have not subscribed to the Linkedin site/service.  If my name appears on that site, I am unaware of how it was placed there for to the best of my knowledge, I have never entered the site.  I have received a number individuals requesting a link to my contacts.  Unfortunately I cannot do so and as the request was through a Linkedin address, I cannot personally respond.  Again, please do not request that I add you to my non-existent Linkedin contacts and do not take my non-response as a snub.  

Thanks again for your interest in my blog -and may your mind, as your petrie dish, always be fertile and full of wonder!